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The art of wiping the top of your ass crack with the backside of your thumb and smelling it.
Yo, my top crack is mad good today!
by Justin22 September 07, 2006
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Generally used as an insult to someone who is not funny at all and boring to the point of you wanting to physically harming them.

The word "craic " is an irish word that is used in the north of england and also scotland for the banter and fun and enjoyment people have with eachother. Adding "top" to this and changing craic to a more simpler crack gives it a more ironic use " topcrack".
Woody:" fockin hell jimmy is a proper boring cunt int he?"

Mick:" Pure Topcrack"

Jimmy:" Alright lads whats happening, whats going on, you looking forward to today?"

Woody:" Fuck off jimmy you fucking Topcrack"
by Dr vinklestein June 25, 2010
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