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Fingering your own butthole
Person 1: "Yo, you here about that kid who top bunked it at ski camp?"
Person 2 "Yeah man, that is just gross! I hope he washed his hand after"
by therealsmack November 21, 2012
(verb)- To hook up with a person in the top bunk of a bunk bed. Can be modified into a double-bunk if there is another couple hooking up on the bottom bunk.

Typically occurs in a college dorm setting.

Can be abbreviated "TB"
Did you hear? Mark top-bunked that girl he was dancing with at the party last night!

No way! Please tell me.. was Steve was there too?

Yep. It was a classic double-bunk.
by B3iswhereitsat September 20, 2011
finally past sobriety and into the world of drunks.


It is usually used while chilling in a dorm room or other small abode where there are bunk beds
wow that girl is really top bunk; Brianne is so Top Bunk
by mba09 May 27, 2010