When one takes a crap in the water tank of a toilet. This is usually done as a party prank or as a method of smiting one's enemies. It's a real pain to clean out, stinks like hell, and makes the toilet flush brown for days.
That guy wouldn't give me a beer at the party at his house last night, so I gave him a top shelf.
by Durendal April 18, 2004
Top Definition
Of high quality.
Theis drink has a premium price because it's made with top shelf liquor.
by Ken Blair July 02, 2004
The best of the best. Usually refers to where wine or liquor are kept in a specialty liquor store. The best stuff is kept at the top for display until someone needs it.
This Don P. is top shelf.
by Denis Baldwin June 30, 2004
Cream of the crop, of extraordinary quality.

The phrase is derived, not from the position of premium bottles in liquor stores, but their position behind bars. (as opposed to "well" liquors, which are stored in the bartender's speedrack well, and "call" liquors, which are popular but not displayed (and which must be "called").
Man, this Hennessey is top-shelf.
by wordtender June 30, 2004
The most expensive liquor in the bar, located on the top shelf because it is rarley ordered.
Wiatress: Would you like our top shelf martini?
Bob: Fuck not that shit's expensive.
by pinkpirate88 October 04, 2009
When someone scores a goal in hockey and puts in the top of net, it goes "top shelf". See also: top cookie
HOLY MAKINAW! He put that top shelf, right next to where mama keeps the peanut butter!
by Gilmour93 October 21, 2008
1. The top part of the net in hockey.

2. Where momma keeps the peanut butter and I keep the pornos.
Ex. 1
Fred Cusick: Neely scores top shelf.

Ex. 2
Random Fellow: They scored top shelf, where momma keeps the peanut butter and I keep the pornos.
by The Sugabear April 28, 2010
When shelfing (or shelving- i.e inserting something in your rectum, usually ecstasy for increased absorption rate) the way that one knows they have done so correctly.
Go in with your finger and curl it back over- place it on the top shelf.
Dude: Here man shelf this.

Other Dude: ...... I've never done that before.......how do i, you know, know its in the right spot.

Dude: Up and over- top shelf. (Whilst doing up and over motion with index finger.)
by JC, quoting Jimmy The Greek June 12, 2009
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