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A counter-strike player who has been dominating the community for serveral years online and on LAN(local area network). He's obviously leeter than you.
Did you see the demo of toothyboy? he pwns
by toothyfan February 06, 2005
Toothyboy originated in the heart of southern california. Although he lacked most fashion sense he had the face of a model and the body of a God. He dropped a 3 bomb on lan so therefore he does not hack. He as we call is "lan proven."
Toothyboy just dropped a 3 bomb!
Hey who farted? was it you ToothyBoy
by Robert E. Lee February 07, 2005
A guy who is 18 years old yet still goes by the name toothyBOY and is bad at counter-strike. He takes screenshots of lan matches against terrible teams.
Dude you are so toothyboy.
Hey man that was a low blow.
by bob nosrajtl February 07, 2005

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