To steal or take something
Yo, that bitch just totally toothed yo' hat
by Amy Mills August 20, 2006
Top Definition
i can't believe there's no definition for tooth
toothy teeth
by rhyssmiley February 13, 2004
It's something in your mouth that's hard and white
My tooth just fell out
by Beef Noodles July 13, 2012
A Nice piece of crystal meth shaped like a real tooth (usually a large animals or shark), with a diluted but clear color.
There is no cut in that tooth we just smoked!
by Dr. Babb Tooth June 14, 2006
Why the hell are you looking up tooth? Just open your fucking mouth you dumb fuck.
“I’m a fucking idiot, so I’ll look up what a tooth is."
by Matthew Has Downs June 02, 2015
noun; plural: teeth

1. a. A bonehead-like person, or seemingly cool person acting in a bonehead manner. Typically found at a party, social gathering or event, where an audience is present, surrounded by a layer of bigger teeth.

b. A similar person, acting in tooth-like manner. Someone who simply is not cool.

2. A "cock-blocker."

Word History: from the root, rocktooth, or toothface -- a derivative of rockface.
"I'm not going to Rice's party, there's gonna be a ton of teeth there!"

"Why were there so many teeth at Colin's last night?"

"Domingo was being such a tooth."
by Toothy McJoothy June 02, 2006
Short form for "toothpick" aka. a skinny broad.

Some one who is really skiiny and it makes you sick/jelous
Julia wears a size zero pant, she's a tooth!!!
by Jennifer Dawn March 25, 2008

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