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Toosh (tush): the acne on and around your jaw line.
Man my toosh is really gettin bad lately.
by whitslegit December 03, 2010
a small slang word used for butt/or ass
I like her toosh
by Todd Disamor February 26, 2003
A casual verson of the word "touche." Can be used in a variety of situations. Can also be used when you just feel like saying it. Often accompanied by wiggling of the fingers in direction of your toosh.
person1-Man this food sucks.
person2-No it doesn't.
person1-Try it.
person2-Ugh toosh.
by fornstar November 06, 2006
A person who is both a tool and a douche.
Tim: Hey that guido just punched a little girl in the face

Tom: What a toosh!
by Henrik Harlaut April 25, 2010
The sound you make when pretending you are shooting someone with your thumb and index finger.
Johnny: "toosh! TOOSH! aha, you are dead."
Tommy: "Not yet, toosh toosh now i got you:)"

by akldjfasdflsadjfa January 01, 2008