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A toosetasa is a person, usually female, who likes to spend her days eating. She does a minimal amount of exercise, and her favourite activity is TV-watching. This would, in most cases, make people extremely obese. A toosetasa, on the other hand, is not overweight at all. This makes a lot of other females, called tessbabes, envy her, and therefore try to make her eat even more. This will not result in any weight gain at all. A toosetasa is a lively and lovable person, with many friends, and a big crowd of male fans.
Another word for toosetasa, is toosi.
Oh, look at her eat, she's such a toosetasa!
Oh, she just ate that whole pizza by herself, she must be one of those toosies.
by K.O.H October 11, 2008
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