The word, which if uttered, will cause a cruise ship to pass by.
Toons! Games! Characters? Downloads! Store! E-mail!
by dj gs68 July 08, 2003
Shortened form of 'platoon', used most notably in Orson Scott Card's "Ender's Game"
"I'll tell you how to get a toon. Prove to me you know what you're doing as a soldier. Prove to me you know how to use other soldiers. And then prove to me that somebody's willing to follow you into battle."
by launchie April 09, 2012
Insane. Crazy. Short for "Loony Toons."
These people are freekin' toons!
by Russell J. Colwell April 27, 2006
Scottish term for town
Far you gan this weekend?

by jim beekin December 23, 2011
A toon is a synonym for a character in a video game that is a role-playing game, usually used only in the context of Massively Multiplayer Online Role-playing Games (MMORPG), such as World of Warcraft.

Character, avatar, or toon are synonyms in this context.
(Avatar is a misnomer, however.)

In role-playing games, a great deal of effort is spent in creating a unique persona or character before play begins. During character generation, the player makes choices that will affect the gameplay, such as appearance, name, gender, race, and class. Once created, these characteristics are immutable, as they define the play experience. The selection of class determines the strategies the character will use to succeed.

In short, Role-playing games have great replay value because a player can re-experience the game using a new character or toon.


Toon is presumably a contracted form of cartoon; video game characters are animated, after all. The origin of this term can be attributed to the standard root of all leetspeak (internet jargon): a need for efficiency for lazy typists.

Toon is probably used because it is shorter and easier to type than the word character. Anyone familiar with these games can easily surmise the meaning of the term from context. Furthermore, the term avatar is avoided as it can possibly create confusion. In roleplaying games, avatar also refers to the incarnation of a deity.
I have 6 toons, so I have all the professions spread among them and I can craft anything!
by Brain Gremlin January 19, 2011
A derogatory term used in the Canadian Army for the reservists. This comes from "Saturday Morning Cartoons" because army reservists usually work on weekends.
damn, pett is sure mo-town now with all these toons running around.
by recce May 29, 2004
A paracytic creature that swims up someone's anus and attaches itself to the victims sphincter. Once it imbeds its fat unpleasant head into host, it is almost impossible to remove and causes serve pain and discomfort. Residing mainly in Port Phillip Bay Victoria, but will travel as far as Northern NSW and South Australia if conditions are suitable.
"Ohh Lord kill me now...I think a Toon just swam up my arse!!"
by Mundey Magic September 24, 2008

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