Loud, obnoxious, ear piercing, Wannabe troll girl. Who showers once a week, but only with role play on rift (via waterfall).
OH MY GOD, STOP squealing, you sound like toolie!
#nice #quiet #normal #motivated #hygienic
by BMPKGinger February 21, 2012
Top Definition
A gun
So I pulled out my toolie and i aimed it at her lip. I said earrings and the stereo, run that shit!
#piece #bijou #gat #mack #heater
by peanuts and corn March 20, 2006
A Toolmaker , Toolmakers are workers in the manufacturing industry who make Press Tools, Mould Tools, Jigs and Fixtures.
Often known by the nickname Toolie.
He`s got a Toolmaking apprenticeship, he`ll make a damn good Toolie.
#tooly #tooley #tool maker #mould maker #mold maker #tool and die maker
by LV426 January 21, 2012
Someone who goes to Schoolies but isn't leaving school that year.
"Mel is a tool - she isn't leaving school but is going to schoolies anyway."
by MrAnonymous November 04, 2004
A code word used to let your friend know that his/her hair has a cowlick so they can fix it on the sly.
Yo! Lady! You have a total toolie. Fix that shiz.
#toolie #tooly #tooley #cowlick #hair
by Joolie and Roolie May 12, 2011
A person who is not in year 12 and goes to schoolies. (usually older)
you're in a party at schoolies and a 20 year old walks past "fuckin toolie(s)"
#tooly #tooli #toole #schoolophile #schoolie
by Vikta 'n' Lach May 20, 2006
A huge fan of the band " TOOL "
That guy is such a Toolie. (fan of TOOL)
by Toolie December 30, 2002
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