a fraternity house
Fuck going to Delts, that place is a tool box.

"Hey brah, meet me back at the tool box."
by Dubizzle March 18, 2009
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A person of little social value. aka Doug Lee.
Doug Lee is the world's biggest toolbox.
by 2+2 NVG Forum June 08, 2011
Someone who is dumber than a 'Tool,' this person is described as a "Tool Box"
Jesus tity fucking christ is she a fucking Tool Box, WOW.
by BMOUNZ May 02, 2005
more toolish than just a tool, but not quite as toolish as an entire toolshed
ur such a fucking toolbox
by kamakaze687 March 04, 2004
Reference to a room full or folk easily termed as "Tools"
"Christ, the Lobby is a fuckin tool box today."
by Hazard October 23, 2003
Derogatory term for a Scion xB because of the ugly box-like shape of the car and the type of people who generally drive them: tools.
Damn it R.J., you are such a tool so go get in your tool box and drive the fuck out of here.
by Poolside Becky May 02, 2008
A mega tool; a boy who thinks that girls worship him but they want to vomit on his shoes.
Matt is not just a tool but he is a whole box of tools, a complete tool box.
by Ho Train October 23, 2002
A bar that attracts tools. They can usually be spotted in hip neighborhoods and have one name that involves a mix of lower and upper case letters such as DoUChe, or DaYT RaYpe.

Patrons of a tool box generally can be seen wearing Abercrombie, or those horrible tattoo shirts. They can be seen wearing white sunglasses even in a dark club, wearing vintage Adidas, and talking on their iphones.
Your Friend: "Hey, have you heard about that new club downtown, ROOfiE?

Me: "Yeah, avoid it. It's a real tool box."
by Vandervest June 18, 2009

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