When a male exudes attitude and arrogance from his carcass, but it is obviously much more of a facade than a reality after observing his appearance.

i.e. When a dude this he is the absolute shit, but is actually a big dipshit that rarely gets laid.
I cannot believe your friend Kim is enfatuated with Alan. That dude is the biggest damn toolshed I have ever seen in my life.
by TWON March 10, 2004
Its what you call the stupidest person you know. Same thing as douche, dumbass, idiot etc..etc..
Example A Bruce: I lowered my car yesterday.
Mitch: why would you do that you fuckin' toolshed?

Example B: Your a toolshed
by koruptone August 05, 2009
To tell someone that they are beyond being a tool. They are more useless then anyone. This people are usually bigger then others and calling them a toold shed is like telling them they are retared and a waste of space
Yo big Jim your a toolshed
by Matt McLean November 28, 2005
also a term similar to "douchebag" or referring to someone who is or has geeked out.
man, did you hear he fucked up again? what a toolshed.
by the surly mermaid May 27, 2005
A small location where one puts his tool, temporarily or for a longer period. See also hatchet wound, meat curtains.
I've had a fun night with my tool, may I now put it away in your toolshed?
by ScottyWI May 10, 2004
A sanctuary in which to play hogsoccer.
Before we whipped out the plunger and hamsandwich we locked the door to the toolshed.
by MBC March 31, 2003
someone possessing Jeff Sawa-like characteristics. i.e. driving around in an 1987 IROC sporting a mullet and a cut off flannel while jamming to "night ranger".
You're such a toolshed Herb.
by Sue Lutz February 24, 2003

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