a gay bar
hey francesco lets go hang out at the tool shed, i brought my vaseline ;)
by cro magnum September 22, 2007
1.A place, typically a bar or nightclub, where tools are known to congregate.
2. Any place where there is a high percentage of tools.
3. Any place (bar, nightclub,etc.) that comes highly recommended by a tool.
1.We went to that new club, but it turned out to be just another toolshed.

2. Dave told me about that place, but if he thinks it's cool, it's got to be a toolshed.
by Tankboy November 14, 2005
The second level of being a poser/loser. Someone who is "whipped" or someone who thinks he's cooler than he really is. A toolshed usually dresses outside of the mainstream just to make others think he is cool. He is always a jackass. A female tool shed, though rare, shares these same characteristics, and usually operates by being a total bitch and thinking she is hotter than she really is. A tool shed is is a bigger loser than a tool, but not quite a hardware store.
I'd be complimenting Ryan Seacrest by calling him a tool shed: he's a hardware store (aka Home Depot).

That toolshed talks on the phone to his girlfriend for 6 hrs a night.
by garyp December 09, 2005
The metaphorical house a girl builds when she hooks up with a tool, toolbag, or person fitting any other variation of the common tool.
That relationship has turned into a real tool shed.
by benkerley. September 27, 2007
A gathering of five or more tools. See toolkit.
That Kappa Alpha party was an absolute toolshed.
by Theo February 17, 2005
a massive tool
I just stuck you!
Wow john ur a toolshed
by toolshed@toolshed.com December 05, 2008
a person who only talks about himself, the money he makes, and the shit that he does. basically he has no regard for anyone else.
jesus, aaron is a toolshed, someone should kick him in the face
by aaron p July 11, 2004

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