A tool who goes beyond the call of duty for tooldom. An ubertool. A person so dislikable that they compare to an entire shed full of tools. Usually used with some other reference to tooldom, often in pun form.
He's not a tool, he isn't even a toolbox, he's the entire fucking toolshed.
by DrakeIV August 25, 2010
when a group of more than one tool gather around in the same place and engage in toolish acts
The show jersey shore is a tool shed.

New Jersey is the filled with tool sheds.
by Anthony Stallone1 November 02, 2010
The tool shed, for overweight men, would be the area just above the penis (another slang term for this area is the F.U.P.A. - Frontal Upper Pubic Area) The extra fat surrounds the penis, protecting it as a tool shed protects its tools.
"They say its just more cushion for the pushin, but really it was just his tool shed absorbing the coital impact."
by Harry Hole April 19, 2012
A large gathering of tools
Guy: So where you going to college?
Tool: Wake Forest

Guy: That place is a toolshed.
Tool: Yeah! I know! I hit the jackpot.
by Ron Tacandong May 09, 2014
the biggest of all tools.. such a tool that he or she could hold all the tools in the world in one place. This word is so powerful that it can only be placed on one person a week.
yo this dude is a giant tool shed

this kid is beyond a tool, or a tool box, he is the whole fucking shed
by killaklankazemakeaniggadaze March 18, 2009
a female who engages in sexual intercourse with a male known socially as a tool
The young lady abandoned her standards of dating and eventually became a tool shed.
by Terry Sachs December 20, 2011
A compete tool, and is always one.
Dude, you're acting like a total tool shed right now.
by nevet6snivram September 24, 2011

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