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A person whose arrogant, abrasive attitude sets them so far below everyone else that once they are a toolbag, they never recover or let go of that title put on them.
That Michael Ballack, he's a real toolbag. Maybe because he's an angry German.
by DUB jones November 18, 2007
Used at VMI to describe one who shirks his friends for his duty, and goes way too far with it.

See also,tool
That guy is a huge toolbag.
by Cadet Historian September 18, 2005
To be a toolbag is to only be able to think off one line off jokes in a whole 4 week period, and never get anyone to laugh at it, vere but to instead incite everyone to laugh at him
Dave who cannot think off anything other than repeating his very unfunny catchphrase " Hey dud u been spooning"
by dude December 20, 2004
Somebody who uses the worst pick up lines, spends more time on his hair than you do, and usually frolics on top of Mount Vesuvius
Ted Grewe is such a toolbag.

That toolbag, Ted, seems like such a douche...is he gay?
by shanara May 03, 2007
a person that is so udderly stupid that is can push ne one to the point of annoied or pissed off!! As dumb as a bag of hammers all those heads and no brain in any of them!!!!!
You stupis druggie damn bryan your a toolbag!
by p-landplaya October 12, 2004
Only use this word if you are a tool also. Tools use this word because they think it is cool to combine two common phrases, tool and dirt bag
Tom the tool: HEY TOOL BAG!!! I just pwned you
Normal Ned: Shut the fuck up shit head.
Tom the tool: My sister is gonna jerk me off tonight! I am gonna get so much more action than you ever will
by Tom the Tool October 03, 2006