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An individual whose ineptitude, idiocy, and lack of personal hygiene sets them far above and beyond a mere "tool"...only a full "bag of tools" is sufficient to describe their personal defects.
"That dylan....what a toolbag."
by b&k January 25, 2008
means worthless, unwanted peason that people use dont like
tool bag,dickheads faggets ,noobs
by reem12 March 08, 2009
A cheese encrusted sack used for teabagging.
SOC is a toolbag.
by John Imatyourmumshouse July 10, 2008
your fuckin ball sack
"ah shit man i told your girl she had a nice rack, so she kicked me in the tool bag!"
by Kamran Omidi July 10, 2008
A man who has the skills and knowledge to do better in life, but doesn't apply them.
Hey toolbag! Are you still working at the plant? You lazy union grunt!
by Doug February 06, 2005
A person who is more than a plain tool, or dick, but is equivalent to a bag of tools, or a sack full of dicks.
"Cameron Lamela is a toolbag"
by Alex Parine June 05, 2004
When someone's acting really gay (thinks his subaru is a mercedes benz, thinks speaking in aim talk is legit, and has a huge schnoz) they can also be be referred to as a subychild, they are a TOOL BAG.
when someone has really gay flo... stubbornly continues to think he is 100% man despite the fact that his voice is so high he undeniably has a vagine, they are a TOOL BAG.
by gayness123 August 21, 2008