A word with literally no meaning at all. It is supposed to be an insult, but it fails consistently. It actually has a reversed result and makes the insulter look worse than the individual being insulted.
Girl: You are a Toolbag
Boy: gtfo.
by Thriller6969696969696 May 01, 2011
A tool bag.

A person of earth shattering incompetence and uselesness.
An individual of brain numbing stupidity and ineptitude.
A character of such bone shaking fuckwhit'ness that the 'you are a spanner!' comment just wont do!

'Ker'iste Tony. You are an utter Toolbag.'
by ozzy3000 July 29, 2006
An idiot that makes stupid posts on sites to make others feel like they did somthing wrong.
Member from high vel IDF is a ToolBag because he is always baggin on sites..
by sean213 July 28, 2005
Usually the nickname given to a useless Airframer (aka Flamer aka douche-bag) or Ordnanceman (aka gunner aka bitch nigga) usually an airman but can be e-4 and above.

Fun Fact: All ordnancemen are pretty much useless...
Yo AO3 is such a Tool Bag... I hate that bitch nigga.
by YelaWhich July 21, 2011
when someone presents themselves in a very stupid manner. they also tend to be called a spanner-head and often have a slight twitch in the right eye- Refer to Hardwick.
that Hardwick is being such a frikin' toolbag today, hey man?
by Gazworf February 09, 2007
An individual whose ineptitude, idiocy, and lack of personal hygiene sets them far above and beyond a mere "tool"...only a full "bag of tools" is sufficient to describe their personal defects. The scum of society.
Dont be a toolbag like that retard over there.
by Chris Corney January 06, 2005
A toolbag is someone who is not only a tool, but also a douchebag. The ultimate asswipe. Nobody likes a toolbag.
Zach: God, that one kid in class is so annoying. He's always sucking up to the prof.
Bridget: I know, he always acts like a pretentious dick to everyone else, too.
Jane: He is such a fucking toolbag. I wanna punch him in the nuts.
by jjjjjjwwwww March 13, 2009
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