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A word with literally no meaning at all. It is supposed to be an insult, but it fails consistently. It actually has a reversed result and makes the insulter look worse than the individual being insulted.
Girl: You are a Toolbag
Boy: gtfo.
by Thriller6969696969696 May 01, 2011
2 5
Someone who is a Tool and a Douche Bag.
Girl 1: My boyfriend is such an asshole.
Girl 2: Girl, don't worry about it, he's just a Tool Bag.
by Ashhhhhhhhhhhhhy August 28, 2010
3 6
ball sack
Tool is to Dick as Tool bag is to Ball Bag.
by Tom Roofer June 21, 2010
5 8
A piece of shit
George W. Bush is a toolbag
by Dickforbrains March 19, 2009
3 6
Typically means Nigger apparently.
Me: Look, toolbag, back the fuck off
Black guy: You racist! Suck my dick!
by AngryCracka October 05, 2010
0 4
is someone who goes to college and dresses complely in that college's stuff and is an asshole and does not have a thought for themself and are aware that they are being used
Girl: "Man my sister is a toolbag"
Boy: Why?
Girl "Man i saw her yesterday and she was in kutztown tshirth kutztown hoodie and kutztown sweat pants she looked like a tool."
by ama;hasd;lnfla;hflean'o;h.agfe September 09, 2009
1 5
Idiot, someone who is foolish or silly.
"Gee that Chris is a proper tool-bag when he gets pissed!!!'
by Swinggal March 06, 2008
2 6