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a person who hangs out with tools
he is their ringleader who carries the rest of the tools along with him, like a bag that carries tools
Michael is such a tool bag all he ever does is hang around with tools
by wordception June 17, 2011
A word with literally no meaning at all. It is supposed to be an insult, but it fails consistently. It actually has a reversed result and makes the insulter look worse than the individual being insulted.
Girl: You are a Toolbag
Boy: gtfo.
by Thriller6969696969696 May 01, 2011
Someone who is a Tool and a Douche Bag.
Girl 1: My boyfriend is such an asshole.
Girl 2: Girl, don't worry about it, he's just a Tool Bag.
by Ashhhhhhhhhhhhhy August 28, 2010
Typically means Nigger apparently.
Me: Look, toolbag, back the fuck off
Black guy: You racist! Suck my dick!
by AngryCracka October 05, 2010
is someone who goes to college and dresses complely in that college's stuff and is an asshole and does not have a thought for themself and are aware that they are being used
Girl: "Man my sister is a toolbag"
Boy: Why?
Girl "Man i saw her yesterday and she was in kutztown tshirth kutztown hoodie and kutztown sweat pants she looked like a tool."
by ama;hasd;lnfla;hflean'o;h.agfe September 09, 2009
A piece of shit
George W. Bush is a toolbag
by Dickforbrains March 19, 2009
Idiot, someone who is foolish or silly.
"Gee that Chris is a proper tool-bag when he gets pissed!!!'
by Swinggal March 06, 2008