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The defintion of someone who is worse than a tool. Used to show great toolness; the tool that holds tools. Use with great brevity as to not dilute the meaning.
"Did he just say neon lit doorhandles are awesome? What a tool bag"
by mikeymike4g63 January 08, 2008
Someone who is both a duche and a tool
Fred:"Man Eric is a toolbag"

Eric:"Dude I am Eric! you are the toolbag"

Fred: "Sorry Dude I forgot you were you for a second"
by notstevejohnson October 06, 2011
A Completely Useless Person.
-This goes far beyond being a so called "tool"...at a least a tool, the object itself, can be useful. Whereas a Toolbag is completely Useless apart from Holding 'tools' Itself.

-Kind of like designing a shovel that would stand up by itself,...instead of a person standing there "holding the shovel up" and watching the other person working.

-A Meat-Head
Are you going to do something besides stand there like a toolbag today?

Hey, Toolbag!?...

What a complete Toolbag.

That guy couldn't punch his way out of a wet paper bag he's such a toolbag.
by Paddy McNutsack January 28, 2011
Congressman Ron Paul.
Haha, Ron Paul has proposed 620 bills to the House of Representatives, and only four have ever made it to a vote on the House floor. What a toolbag!
by Mitt Santorum-Gingrich January 10, 2012
A person who is a tool and a douche bag.
The idiot that cut me off in traffic was a Tool Bag
by BizzyBlond March 31, 2011
a chick who like tools inside of her
jack: man i was hitting on this girl at the bar last night, super fly.... but when she said she liked Lil' wayne's rock album... I knew she was a toolbag.
jack: man those bitches on the hills are nothin' but tool magnet ...bitches.
floyd: yeah they're basically a sold out shelf of designer toolbags.
by blasterkash# July 19, 2010
ball sack
Tool is to Dick as Tool bag is to Ball Bag.
by Tom Roofer June 21, 2010