Those who try to hard at being "cool", when really not "cool" at all. Usually wears a popped pink ralph lauren polo and spiked hair. They will usually try to deny their toolbagness, but everyone else can't
Wow, Jt is such a toolbag I can't stand him!
by billy m. December 10, 2006
An individual who's personality is the perfect combination a Tool and a Douche Bag.

Another explanation is a moron who thinks that they are god's gift to the world.
dude 1: Check out that tool Chuck over there, now that's he's watched karate kid six times he thinks he can punch through a brick wall. What a douche bag.

dude 2: Chuck truly is a Tool Bag.
by Max86 September 13, 2012
Someone who is more than simply a tool. So much of a tool in fact, that since there is not a more tool-ish word than tool, they can only be described as a "tool bag," logically. One who has the tool quality of so many tools, that a mechanic's collection of tools does not contain as many tools as would equal the level of tooldom that a "tool bag" contains. Therefore, their tool level is higher than tool and moves up to "tool bag."
A group of sophmores is a bunch a tools ::AS TO:: A single freshman is a tool bag.

Good Charlotte are tools ::AS TO:: Ryan Seacrest is a tool bag.
by Ebits April 20, 2008
A person so inept as to be utterly useless in any capacity; not just a tool, but an entire bag FOR tools, making him/her a repository for all things lacking any socially acceptable value.
"Did you hear that John got his hand caught in the toilet when he dropped his cell phone down the hole and tried to fish it out? What a toolbag!"
by Tom Bosch March 09, 2006
n. portmanteau of "tool" and "douchebag." An individual who exemplifies particularly douchey behavior, particularly in a polo shirt; a tool so great as to encompass an entire bag of tools.
"God, Trevor is such a tool! And a douchebag! It's like he's a … a…."


"Yes! Exactly!"
by Dave Zucker March 11, 2009
A combination of the common cut-downs "tool" and "duesch bag"...a very annoying or otherwise repulsive indivitual who assumes he is a part of a group of friends when that group of friends actually dispizes that person.
Tom Lewis is a tool-bag, why the hell does he open is mouth.
by Josh Lucas February 18, 2006
The supreme combination of being an utter tool and a total douche bag. Think fist pumping pricks with no brains, a thick Jersey/NYC/Long Island accent (you know the one), and overly tanned orange skin. Oh, and mountains of hair gel for their short haircuts.
All the guys on MTV's Jersey shore are complete tool bags and they don't even know it. Sit back and enjoy.
by Greekbrain December 15, 2009
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