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Peter Scateregia
Peter is a tool
by apsucksass December 15, 2008
4 17
a complete faggot that says some stupid shit
Bob: Yo look at this awesome picture!
Bob: fuckin tool
by jon burgandy May 23, 2006
9 22
Slang for penis invented by two dudes from Joneseboro, Georgia circa 1990.
Hey nigga I want to stick my tools in her box. She's a bad ass bitch.
by Jimmy Wood January 24, 2007
35 49
A person who is a complete round-about. Someone who tinkers or toys with things for no reason. Someone who fixes things that aren't broken or who just wanders around without being aware of their surroundings.
"How come he doesn't see us waving?"

"He's toolish by nature."
by dredlockpolitics March 05, 2006
3 17
A handgun. A piece.
If a nigga try to jack, I got my tool on me

Keep ya hand on ya grip, dont threaten me with ya tool like you a mechanic with clips - Chamillionaire
by ABC August 29, 2005
22 38
What you become once you enlist in the armed forces.
When standing at the position of attention, I feel like such a tool.
by MisterWang August 22, 2005
25 43