A poo band. They consider themselves good music but little do they know, they are actually terrible. They share similaritys with the band rage against machine who are also terrible.
James: "Hey cory whats that shit your listening too every day"

Cory: "They are called Tool and they are really brill! "

James: " PFFFFT kiss my rooty tooty fresh n frooty"

Cory: " STFU im off to listen to Rage"
by JIMMMMMMMM December 11, 2008
Short for Pro Tools, an industry grade audio suite used in 110% good studios around the world.
See the definition of Pro Tools.
by 3EB July 10, 2005
There are several defining traits of a tool; if one or more of these characteristics apply to you, then you are a tool.

1. You often feel used by your "friends", who usually make fun of you to both to your face and behind your back, but act polite if you have something they want. Of course, because you're desperate to be accepted, you give it to them.

2. You buy into whatever trend seems in at the moment because you have no identity or sense of pride. If you're emo, pass out at parties after 4 drinks to show off to people that you're drunk, or wear a pink shirt with the collar popped in a vain attempt to appear "secure with your masculinity", then you're a tool and haven't realized it yet.

3. You listen to Tool and think they are the pinnacle of musical talent because they call themselves "prog", but are actually boring and mediocre.
Go back to your toolboxes, you poseurs.
by Chernorizets Hrabr September 14, 2005
Christofer Drew Ingle, lead singer of Never Shout Never!
/looks at picture of Chris covering his nipples
"God, what a tool."
by OtterKnowsBest May 29, 2009
an extreme fag that associates with weed jews
i dont wanna blaze with budazoft, hes sucha tool
by cheaakdooney January 12, 2009
Loser. Dork. One who reads HP and listens to emo music. And spend the weekends alone or with their other tool friend(s).
Ryan reads and has emotions therefor he is a tool.

It's official, I'm a tool.
by Kaytaybay July 24, 2005
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