What you become once you enlist in the armed forces.
When standing at the position of attention, I feel like such a tool.
by MisterWang August 22, 2005
3 Diffrent meanings

1.Sears department stores are the exclusive seller's of Craftsman tool's(Tool: wrench, saw, screwdrivers, etc.)

2.a Man or Woman who's a dipshit

3.a Shitty-annoying ass rock band fronted by a buttface named Maynard James Keenan
Tool has 3 diff meanings
by Joe Smith 2 January 14, 2008
A Hunt word for 'knob' or 'twat', but often gets taxed by younger syblings and adopted for use in a more joking sense. This spins quite a few people out.
Grrr that kid is such a tool!! He like full on exists n everything!
by Charlie-Uniiitt November 24, 2005
one who is used
He is that jock's tool.
by Anonymous November 10, 2002
Someone who thinks being a tool is a good thing, and reckons that having yu-gi-oh cards will get them chicks.
Tool1: So you like yugioh babe?
Chick: No!!! Bye!!!
Tool2: So.... wanna buy a yugioh dragon?
Tool1: Yeah ill get more chicks then for sure!!!
by Spills1 September 06, 2006
n. Arguably the most fucktarded band of the 20th to 21st century. Their following typically consists of mingers and fire hazards, most frequently both, while the concerts generally end in a giant shitpushing circle resembling the kanga. The adjective form of the word applies.
"I went to that Tool concert, I tried to wash myself but they just don't make water hot enough. Now I won't shit right for weeks."
by Sniko August 15, 2008
Anyone who uses the site "Bodyspace" or "bodybuilding.com".
Anyone who is obsessed with their muscles. Anyone who doesn't get that Lifting weights is not a real hobby, and it benefits no one. Someone who doesn't understand that any girl worth dating will not like you for your huge delts, etc.
"man, did you see James' bodyspace page? What a fucking tool."
by Gallows March 22, 2008
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