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Yet another crappy poo poo band. I was listening to a metal radio station and the DJ was talking about how awesome Tool were so I downloaded this band to check them out. WOW. They're awful. "Pretentious" and "tedious" would sum up this band. The only cool thing is the computerized vocals.
Tool suck. All of the musicians, especially the drummer, sound like they just came out of their first instrument lesson. Wow! Now that is some horrid musicianship! Skip this lame poser metal and listen to 30 Seconds To Mars, Metallica (the new stuff), Staind, System Of A Down, Saosin, Korn etc.
by TheLulzFactory August 03, 2009
a sledge hammer (this is the only thing in my tool box)
"use that tool over there. its perfect for hanging priceless artwork."
by STDAVE September 30, 2005
a complete loser... one who had no friends..someone who is used for there resources..
u are a tool...
by cletus April 11, 2003
person who does idiotic things, then tells others about them, and they laugh and call the person a "tool"
Farballs, you tool
by Jobo Farbo April 13, 2003
Your being used because your a slut or whore
Oh she hooked up with him so ill go out with her now. She will never know. Then she can be my tool.
by Katelyn Abber February 25, 2006
David Stern
My name is David Stern, I'm a fucking tool.
by Gawdl0l0l0l0l0l0l January 04, 2009
A poo band. They consider themselves good music but little do they know, they are actually terrible. They share similaritys with the band rage against machine who are also terrible.
James: "Hey cory whats that shit your listening too every day"

Cory: "They are called Tool and they are really brill! "

James: " PFFFFT kiss my rooty tooty fresh n frooty"

Cory: " STFU im off to listen to Rage"
by JIMMMMMMMM December 11, 2008