a person who doesnt understand this meaning n has to look it up on urban dictionary to use against a friend when they dont even kno it
kimberely anna-lynn ?? ..or somone with bigger boobs then her body structure

kim is a tool cuz she has big boobs n no brains
by erkelnator June 11, 2008
One way to identify a tool is by their limited vocabulary. They often employ the same words to describe everything. Using these words heightens their belief that they are popular and "in" with whats hip. In fact, it just reflects their inability to be original. Some common words tools use are; cool, awesome, sweet, badass, playa, chill or chillen, great, a string of either cool, great or awesome in repetition or a mix of these together. A tool also over uses the word fuck. Finally, to know if one is a tool, they have not read Civilization and Its Discontents by Sigmund Freud, The Republic by Plato, Candide by Voltaire, the Dictionary, a Thesaurus, and other examples of intellictual works.
Tool: Oh, your major is aeronauitcal engineering, cool cool cool.
You: Yeah.
Tool: Yeah, the weather is just chillen outside right now. (because they have nothing else to offer)
You: Yeah
Tool: Man, awesome, that party was badass. How was it for you?
You: Good.
Tool: Cool cool, very cool. (As they see more people)Sup playas, you guys just chillen? Awesome, awesome, cool cool cool. Great, Great, cool.
by Andrew Dickinson November 20, 2005
a.) is someone who is so stupid that they can only serve at best a few failry simple tasks over and over again, and sucks at everything else. b.) Someone lacking intellegence.
(insert name here) your a tool.
by Scott Farrell November 02, 2005
tool as used in urban setting
a weapon, specifically a gun

can also be used to describe getting high on heroin, cocaine, crystal
when dem niggas start poppin its time to tool up,
grab your tool fool
by wha? October 31, 2005
Daniel Michael Marion.
Dan stop being a fucking tool.
by imabsyou June 10, 2005
A person who lets himself be used by others.
That kid that people only know because they are friends with his girlfriend.
Someone who doesn't have his own opinion and trys to fit in by adopting the opinion of others.
A guy who is whipped.
Someone who can't have a normal one on one conversation with somebody because his only intention is to impress others.
Justin- "Hey Erika, Rob is a huge tool, that definition above us defines him."

Erika- "Yea you're right."
by Justin Dickow January 14, 2008
A means to an end. an object to achive a goal
i used a hammer(a "tool") to reconstruct my dick.
i used a soldier (a "tool") to fight my dirty war
i used tool (the band) to realise who i was
by mike & roZ August 17, 2006

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