Originally meaning teacher's pet/suckup/brown-noser, this word has come to have a variety of other meanings now as well. The word tool in its latest and most common meaning originated from the USMA and USMA Prep School at West Point, New York (USMA=United States Military Academy)during the mid-late 1980s. One James Maynard Keenan attended West Point but dropped out eventually. He then created the popular band known as tool. An intersting factoid is that although keenan is now bald, in his school pictures from west point, he has what most call a "full head of hair." In some cases the word tool is used to mean dick.
Brian is a tool.

That band tool is good.

by Torn Heart August 13, 2006
1)one who shares similarities with a screwdriver, or a wrench for example.
2)one who is being fucked without their awareness.
Jim, " haha, i fucked Gary yesterday, and he didnt even know!!!"
johnny, "haha what a tool!"
by Tooly McScrew January 06, 2006
A person lacking most if not all the intelligence that a human should poses and is frequently used by others.
<person1>Telivision is a powerful tool
<person2>But so is Eddie Maguire
by Peter Dolan November 15, 2005
Mastodon. Plain and Simple.
Dude, look at that tool over there. Oh, thats just Mastodon.
by X-ChAmP February 05, 2008
A tool is someone who says one thing one moment and then something else the next. A stupid idiot who ushualy smells and has bad hygene often deniying it and pinning the blame on someone else.
A fag, asswhole, bitch, idiot all of these can discribe a fag for example dillon.

that kid Dillon is such a tool.
by Harrison Ungar April 14, 2007
the definition of tool....is in regards to being a prison guard's "friend"...other in mates will think of you as a "toolbox". Therefore, sticking there tool in your ass!
Kelly took a pack of smokes from a prison guard, later that day he was called a tool, and took it up the bum later.
by Arcolite May 10, 2007
stupid faggot that no one likes and is always made fun of for everything. this person is a useless pisece of shit!
phil is a fucking tool
by A1RJORDAN February 13, 2007

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