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A lesbian who likes being used for others enjoyment.
Kiran is the biggest tool ever.
by drgalen123 May 26, 2007
3 9
Appraiser or more specifically, a commercial real estate appraiser in Chicago.
That appraiser is a real tool.
by Kermitdafrog May 18, 2006
5 11
one who is socially maladjusted; a lame person.
The woman who works in HRD is such a tool.
by Anonymous October 31, 2002
29 35
person who schedules their social habits such as drinking or smoking up.

Lindsay and Katie are huge tools for scheduling their drinking time yesterday... and are now toolboxes because they also schedule their smoke ride to follow.
by dmbdon29 March 28, 2007
1 8
A paramedic that loves the color purple, plays christmas music starting november first, pays $1200 for a PSP (from Rent-A-Center), worships rent-a-center, throws garbage out the window, and has obtained the status of social outcast. Also, wears a utility belt that has earned himself the nick "jingles", and has place himself on the homosuspicion list.
Eric is such a tool.
by Commodore November 11, 2006
13 20
Another term for penis or dickhead.
I thought a tool was something you made stuff with.

Yes, that's called babies.
by mr.boredom October 24, 2006
7 14
Originally meaning teacher's pet/suckup/brown-noser, this word has come to have a variety of other meanings now as well. The word tool in its latest and most common meaning originated from the USMA and USMA Prep School at West Point, New York (USMA=United States Military Academy)during the mid-late 1980s. One James Maynard Keenan attended West Point but dropped out eventually. He then created the popular band known as tool. An intersting factoid is that although keenan is now bald, in his school pictures from west point, he has what most call a "full head of hair." In some cases the word tool is used to mean dick.
Brian is a tool.

That band tool is good.

by Torn Heart August 13, 2006
9 16