is being like ray, or acting like ray, or saying anything that ray would say , ray is tool
ray georges is the perfect example of a tool he is a tool
by Aaron4074 April 22, 2007
used-up and desperate aging girls and the trolls they get to worship them that no other girls will talk to.
aging ex-strippers that can't get over the fact that they cannot manipulate men other than the fat weak pathetic losers that used to be their customers...

and the ugly loser dorks they end up getting to be their bitch boys they get to hack and harass the ex-boyfriends that dumped them. These tools know they won't get any pussy, they're just so starved for female contact they believe and do anything she says. Both are tools.
by herpes-neg April 20, 2007
Someone who trys to be something cool but fails miserably. Also someone who hasnt got bonded yet.
Peacemen is the biggest tool ever. He has to look at someone much cooler than he is when he tells joke for some recongnition.
by rubs April 07, 2007
1. a stupid or gullible person

2. the penis
That kid is such a tool it ain't funny.
by Light Joker April 06, 2007
one who is sometimes referred to as 'amit'
It was amit! = It was tool!
Note the lower case 'a'
by amit? April 03, 2007
A person which, when under pressure, says stupid things, and when mocked, cannot defend themselves.
"Kellett, shoot back you complete tool, Charlie's killing you!"
by Simon LeBon January 05, 2007
A complete idiot who is just so retarded that you cant stand him.Characteristics are as followed: Sports a bowl cut/mullet, wears zip-off cargo pants, has never talked to the female gender,goes to movies with only one other guy, sleeps on a couch with another guy, and finally getting there clothes picked out by there mother.
"Danny is such a tool"
by state high November 09, 2006

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