one who edits for this site
editor, your a tool.
by UrbanDictionary50000000 August 29, 2006
An extremely annoying leech, who is unbelievebly pathetic, tries much too hard, and doesn't pull anything off. Ever.
-Yo, word yo.
-Scott. Shut up. You're such a tool.

by asdfunm September 29, 2005
A German girl that thinks she's a boss but is actually the biggest tool you could find in the Third Reich. She often finds herself stuck in waist-deep situations such as getting herself stuck in waist-deep snow. She has certain fob aspects to herself as well, a common trait is the Ben Wang face.
Person 1: You see that chick on the snowboard complaining about how sports check ripped her off for her snowboard repairs?
Person 2: Yeah
Person 1: Vwhat a tool
Person 2: agreed
by Hamtarooooooooo February 20, 2011
tool equals trey wilder(t=tw).
One who is obsessed with 69.
What a tool(trey).
by Teddy Padussis April 03, 2010
>Tends to "one up" another by regurtitating the same story you told but extends the content.

>Claims on many cliques, ie "I am a hardcore grunge hippie".

>Never contradicts what you say. Instead they constantly turn your argument into a personal story in order to please you.

>Perfers quanity over quality.

>Usefull not by there abilities, but by there benifits.

>Kills inside jokes, by quoting and/or referencing them terribly.

>Is a compulsive liar.

>When dating someone they embrace the fact to an annoying extent.

>Claims they lost there virginity an a young age to an older person.

>Has a collection of enemies

>Number one goal is to be noticed by as many people as possible

>Thinks Dane Cook is a funny comedian.

>Stupid hair cuts are usually a part of this

>Have some kind of weird ass physical abnormality (IE fucked up teeth, giant arms, etc)

>Have an annoying catch phrase

>Suck at telling jokes

>Think that, even if they are one in like 6 billion, they are the only one to have achieved certain trivial things

>There goal in life is to please as many people as possible

>Rejects of socialites.

>Think being a "Depressed bipolar drug addict" is cool

>Mosh at shows ( nothing is more fun than commiting self injury to a band called "As I lay dying" as well hitting the peacefull people who want to enjoy the music)

>The greatest movies, jokes, music and ideas have been killed by them.

>You cant build a house without tools.
Human: I just bought an 8th of some decent weed for 55 dollars!

Tool: Dude! One time me and my friend found an 8th of PURPLE HAZE in my ex girlfriend's garage! It was free so we smoked it all! I was so high that me and her convinced her friend to do a threesome...I tapped it too!
**Swoops poorly colored bangs over forehead***

Human: That's cool...
**looks uninterested**

Tool: Yeah... I lost the tape tho man!
by slamjunk February 16, 2010
1. A person who is reading the definition on the Urban dictionary for "tool" over and over again written by different "tools" writing it over and over again.
2. Someone who puts the word "tool" in punctuation marks. Whoops.
3. Someone who is being used by someone else but is too inbred and mindless to realize it.
4. A complete idiot.
5. Someone who thinks the song "Toxicity" is the best song by System of a Down.
Stop reading this definition, you tool!
Hey, you "tool"!
Hey man, I need a ride to the party. I can't go. Ask Sam, he's a tool.
Toxicity is the best song by SOAD EVAH!!!!!!!! No, it's not, you tool!!!!
by Pokefreak001 December 05, 2009
a tool is a person generally named "oliver" or "hannah" or "james" or "sven" or "gareth"!!!!!! obtrusive, repulsive crappy bubble bursting stinky egoy people !!!!
person 1:"hey im oliver, dont you think im cool ? "
person 2"fuck off oliver you bursting my bubble you tool bag :P !"

person 1:(big sigh, blows stinky air on everyone !!! ) "O im too smooth and my ego is too big for that to hurt :P "
person 2: "fuck off you tool ! "
by julian culverhouse August 09, 2009

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