A guy who thinks he is the shit. Spends time with other tools, of which he may call his "bros", "homies" etc., and acts like he is the most popular guy he knows. This tool will objectify women, and may refer to girls as "sexy" when talking to them, but as "a hot piece of ass" or "his bitch" when talking about them to his friends. Doesn't usually date girls, just hooks up with them.

See also "dick" and "douche bag"
A tool may say
"Hey sexy, lets go hookup"

or to his bros (tool friends),

"Yo, that girl just totally checked me out"
by emilyy543x3 December 10, 2009
a huge, jacked guy that says and does the most stupid stuff and is always making a fool of himself, they work out in the gym as much as they possibly can so that they get even huger, they usually suck up to their coaches and peers so that they r liked even though this makes them hated even more, they try way too hard to fit in and are posers so they don't really have any friends but they think they do cuz they r retarded and/or people just pretend to be their friend cuz they r either scared of the tool or they enjoy making fun of the tool and using them for their own personal gain, the tool of course is too dumb to realize that they r being used, tools look tough and pretend they're tough but r usually either pussies and they r just too much of a dumbass to win in a fight anyway, also they love their jacked body and working out more than anything else in the world
"Hey Ryan, you are a tool!"

"Look at that tool working out"

"HAHA, that tool just made a huge fool of himself!"

"OMG, that tool is such a dumbass, look what he is doing"
by Tool_Hater August 22, 2009
Anyone who tries to act cooler than they actually are. Most tools are usually douchebags with negative self-esteem.

Synonyms: Asshole, poser, faker, douchebag, Dane Cook.
Man: Wow, Dane Cook is not funny at all. What an asshole.
Man 2: Damn, you're right. What a tool.
by BigCron August 11, 2009
A tool is a douche bag who enjoys playing girls and thinks they will never find out, they are a two timer, a liar, someone who thinks way to highly of themselves for others, thinks they are gods gift to the world and everyone should bow down to them and worship them, dont have enough brains to figure simple things out, someone who thinks because they are so special no one will ever find out they are using more than one person at the same time, a liar that no one wants to be associated with...the total tooolll
Today we found out Michael and Alex are talking to three girls at once. What tools.
Many ex boyfriends can become tools.
That tool over there just tried to get with me now hes with that other girl.
by fother muckers July 23, 2009
someone who ditches their friends for 'popular' people and covers it up with shit excuses
Sean is such a tool, he's not going to Mike's birthday party because Lela invited him to some boring banquet crap.
by sleepinglegisannoying May 13, 2009
a kid so desperate for friendship that he'd do anything to impress his friends. Also, his lack of confidence and individuality is a major turnoff to girls.
mark does dip to impress tyler, what a tool.

by itsamarioooooo! February 16, 2009
Someone who does whatever people want him to do, goes out of their way to kiss ass, and sucks massive throbbing cock. Tools typically have queer fathers and very horny sisters.
Tb is an example of a Tool. P.S. you know what we should really do...
by Albanian Immigrant January 14, 2009

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