someone who tries too hard. a poser. one of those chic's who holds the sign saying "Carson Daly is Hot." the asstard who goes to a rock show because they heard one of the songs on the radio or mtv. or someone who insists on wearing velour sweat suits. Avril Lavigne.
Jane is a tool because she dresses like Avril Lavigne while listening to New Found Glory and Dashboard Confessional just becuase Carson Daly told her to.
by sham February 08, 2003
1. acting or impersonating matt g in anyway.

2. matt g
i am matt g, i am a tool
by m4tt g February 18, 2009
A person who thinks they are really cool, when in reality the whole world thinks they are an idiot. This person is actually NOT cool, and potentially has spikey hair and/or wears timberlands with the pants tucked in. This person may think that they are ghetto when they are actually quite white, or they might know all the words to madonna songs.
Hey that kid Kyle is such a tool, he tucks his jeans into his timberlands.
Could you stop being such a tool? You're making me want to slap you.
by beast at life, and you know it December 01, 2005
Used at the Virginia Military Institute to describe one who has his head way up his ass, more specifically, one who sticks to his duty, sacrificing his good relations with other members of the Corps, even going so far as to screw his Brother Rats.

See also, toolbag
I hate that friggin (name). He's such a tool.
by Cadet Historian September 18, 2005
Peter Scateregia
Peter is a tool
by apsucksass December 15, 2008
a complete faggot that says some stupid shit
Bob: Yo look at this awesome picture!
Bob: fuckin tool
by jon burgandy May 23, 2006
A person who is a complete round-about. Someone who tinkers or toys with things for no reason. Someone who fixes things that aren't broken or who just wanders around without being aware of their surroundings.
"How come he doesn't see us waving?"

"He's toolish by nature."
by dredlockpolitics March 05, 2006

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