A sad soul who is being used by others often without even realizing it. Often times people other than the "tool" realize what's going on but choose to laugh at the "tool" instead. It is often very sad as the tool usually finds out after he has been all used up and been made a fool of.

Sometimes a tool is thought of as a jerk, but is usually a nice generous guy who doesn't mind doing favors. Most of the time the tool is just going through depression or thinks that if he does things it will get people off his back.

Tools often are put down as most people don't really like them. Tools are also too stupid to know when they're being used. If you see someone being used you should help them out; most of their "friends" are often lying to them to make them look like an ass in public. Tools can be spotted by causing scenes in public, and people telling them that they're "cool".
Person 1: So that bitch Jessica was just using him like a tool for his homework?
Person 2: Yeah, he was oblivious. She messed with his head just because he would do things for her. He thought he was in love. I tried to help him out, but it just wouldn't work out. After he found out he was so embarrassed and started to cry.
Person 1: How sad. She really is a bitch.
Person 2: And to think that she went out with him knowing how much it would break his heart. I don't think she ever really liked him for who he was.
Person 1: Well at least he can learn from this.
Person 2: Yeah, he's a good guy.
by banlo990 April 24, 2007
Someone who isnt liked and has no friends and trys to spit game and trys to be cool
Rocco is a tool
by formeldahyde August 08, 2009
i aint going out if i aint got no tools!!
by buzzingtons June 05, 2009
A guy who pops his collar, goes tanning, and wears shirts five sizes too small. Very often, they can be found sporting growing-up-Gotti haircuts with pencil thin facial hair to match. Most of these guys prefer to drive a hot car, one that equally shallow girls will swoon over. They also prefer to listen to bad music.
"Get a load of that tool over there with the pink shirt and yellow Live Strong bracelet!"
by Jonathanagan April 29, 2008
Someone who walks around all day wearing plaid shorts, Burkingstock's, knee high socks, a brightly colored Ralph Lauren polo (with the collar popped up), and occasionally where's a Led Zeppelin or Pink Floyd or Bob Marley shirt, even though the only Led Zeppelin song they know is "Stairway to Heaven" and the only Pink Floyd song they know is "Money", and they don't even know any Bob Marley songs, just so that the skaters think they are cool.

2. Poser

3. Prep

4. Preppy Poser!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Dude, Dylan and Ian are such TOOLS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
by roooood May 28, 2007
An off-duty Law Enforcement officer who carries a handgun while in The Magic Kingdom at Walt Disney World.
I can't believe that tool brought his gun to Disney World.
by Finster Baby October 23, 2010
(v.) To have sex ; the act of fornication.
Tina is so fucking hot, man I would love to tool her...bigtime!
by DEADMEAT April 06, 2013
aka a Curnock. A person (usually male) who hides his feelings by acting like a complete dick'ed or 'tool'. He will happily abuse and insult his friends by doing stupid, immature impressions of them - but using the same voice and facial expression for each person. He is also known for agreeing to do something or go somewhere, but then jibbing it at the last minute - leaving the other person/people hanging.
Hey look who's doing an impression of you on the bus again... what a tool!
by BT.MASSIVE September 16, 2010

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