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A colorful tank top generally worn by annoying and obnoxious whiteboys who think they are god's gift to earth and need to wear a WESC tank top with vans and skinny jeans everywhere they go. The tool tank is only 1 step above a wife-beater and tools often think that because tool tanks cost $24.99 that they are fashionable and cool.

These tool tanks usually have colorful stripes so the tool makes sure he is noticed by everyone, also making it easier for his douchebaggery to be noticed by fellow tools.

Tools can often be seen wearing tool tanks in frat houses, on the beach, or riding around in their F150s as they roam around the 909.
Jim: "Look at that frat jerk off wearing that tool tank"
Ryan: "What a fucking tool"
by 1lastthingandPrimo October 29, 2010
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