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the word tonka was originally used for the american toy trucks, around the size of a micro machine maybe a bit larger. the trucks were brightly coloured particular orange and red.
these have been around many years and still amuse children i suppose the equivilant in england is hotwheels.
the toy in the shop was a lil truck made by tonka
the two kids had a tonka truck race
hey hey hey dont hog the tonka truck its my turn to play
by the dark devil July 23, 2006
29 35
(n) a girl who is very massive, like a Tonka truck.
Whoa! Look at that T-t-tonka over there!
by Skanky McGee January 28, 2008
89 43
Particularly tough, hard to kill
That fuckin tonka took 10 bullets and hes still kicking
by hempy November 04, 2004
55 46
Meaning "big", "huge", etc.
Look at that tonka bottle of rum! (Look at that huge bottle of rum!)
Her legs are so tonka. (She has really big legs.)
by Caitlin Leonard April 21, 2008
1 0
tough, hard
the meat was very tonka tonight for tea
by sandmal May 02, 2010
8 15
tonka or a large penis
thats a fine tonka hanging from your leg
by santorini January 25, 2009
21 28
a group of super duper dusty bender NaFs
Also known as the Skipper faggots and the Minnetonka losers.
Tonka did not win state for obvious reasons.
by We're da best. March 15, 2010
7 17