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To strike with ones penis.
Joe tonked the handrail so hard it rang like a bell.
by Richard Platzman February 07, 2004
The act of knocking ashes out of a metal "dugout" style marijuana pipe by striking it against something hard.

Variation: tonking
Don't hand that pipe back without tonking it first.
by SYFer August 09, 2003
large muscles for males or large tits for gals
hes tonk dont mess with him
look at dem there tonk!
by jackh2 September 15, 2005
big, large, fat ect.
dat feilds well tonk,
errr u seen dat boy hes butters hes well tonk
by cat November 18, 2004
The sound of a D cell maglite striking a penguin or bee keeper.
It's time to tonk the mods.
by arfcommer February 23, 2005
good, it , thinks there all that,
she finks shes all tonk but she's just a rudey wannabe
by emma December 24, 2004