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A Pimp fly ass mofucker who owns Also know as Tonkz!!
Omg hes soo Tonks!!!! Thats one Tonks Guy!!!!!!!
by The-Monkey-Of-Doom July 05, 2004
9 57
A card game that is played between 2-5 people and is usually played for money
Jason: wanna play tonk?
Ryan:Ya lets play a quick dollar game
by orlando February 24, 2005
18 68
a guy with a short memeory and an even small penis
i had a friend and he was a fucking tonks
by gizmo February 23, 2004
7 60
The sound made when an out of control mod is hit with a D cell maglite.
When is someone going to tonk Bk and the penguin.
by StayOutOfAZ February 25, 2005
32 87
A reference used on internet discussion forums, it describes the sound made by an over zealous or Nazi like moderator when he strikes the 'ban' key to silence another forum member.
For example: "Damn!!!, it looks like BK just TONKED another member..."
by ArizonaFreedomRider January 12, 2005
51 109
Something which is large
thats a tonk penis u have there lad.
by PPB April 02, 2003
9 67
A term of endearment between homosexuals in the american southwest, also a request for anal sex.
"Oh Derek won't you come over and tonk me tonight?"
by Peter February 24, 2005
4 64