'Street' slang for muscular and built, usually used to describe people with large arms.
'Yo isn't Jaspreet Sidhu enormously hench?
'I think 'Tonk' is a much better word for it.
by Ymm. May 08, 2011

1 Violent masturbation session, particularly when depressed or hungry.

2 Vigorous post-workout masturbation in any gym's changing room or showers.


To bring ones' self or another male to orgasm following, or sometimes during, a workout in the gym
- "I've really worked up a sweat on the treadmill, I'm gonna go tonk in the

showers while my hands are still naturally lubed up".

- "Alright mate, fancy a quick tonk to relax after pumping these weights?" (N.b:

the verb "to pump" is often used as a double entendre as it can refer to both

weight-lifting and intense masturbation, hence rendering superfluous the use

of the actual word "tonk").

- "God, I hate having to clean these showers. So many guys tonk themselves

silly after they've finished working out, some of them leave a right mess!".
by Slapmeharder June 24, 2014
A game based on gin rummy for three to six players. Hands are won with three to four of a kind and runs. Also by doubling up and going low. It was made up by the african american community but it has recently spread into certain pockets of white suburbs.
I lost 7 bucks playing tonks the other day.

Tonks is such a nigger game.

Euchre and tonks.
by Quintuple Eagle Eye July 23, 2011
Nickname for someone, usually a woman, that changes their hair or other parts of themselves regularly.
char's a bit of a tonks tbh
by charmundy August 09, 2008
A word used to replace 'klutz' (or 'clutz'). It has the same definition of being a clumsy person and is derived from the character of Nymphadora Tonks in the Harry Potter books who was "dead clumsy".
Sister: *walks into supermarket and knocks over a shelf of canned soups* "Crap! I'm sorry.
Brother: *sighs* "You're such a tonks."
by Rina Lam October 12, 2011
This is a word that has many meaning's. It is a word that can not be told how to use, you simply must learn how to use it.
1. That guy is Tonked as!

2. She's so hot i just want to Tonk the shit out of her!

I'm gonna Tonk her like she's never been Tonked before!

3. Let's go get Tonked

4. Dude I'm so Tonked! (Drunk/Happy/Sad/Excited/Depressed.. etc)

5. I'm gonna Tonk you!!!

6. hahahaha you're such a Tonk
by Milfna July 08, 2010
When one singularly fails to achieve what they set out to do when commencing a conversation, much to the disappointment of their peers. A failure to either glean or pass on any information during the course of a conversation.
You just tonked that conversation. You just exchanged niceties for ten minutes. Phone them back and actually find out what time we're meeting.
by jgalffromcrig October 17, 2010
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