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Illegal Mexican immigrants.
"Tonk" is the sound that is made when the illegals are hit over the head with the large flashlights/batons that the US border patrolmen carry.
by John kennedy October 31, 2004
British slang word for muscular or 'strong-looking'
it has been used to describe girls as hot as well nowadays. It acts as a double for the word 'fit' :)
Girl: Oh he's so tonk, did you see him at football with his shirt off.
by dinaaaaah August 16, 2010
The sound of a fish hittin' the windshield.
"Man, we shouldn't be driving so close to the lake--oh, SHIIIIIT!"
by Dale Deltaco May 14, 2008
A big/large/hench person
That woman is bear tonks
The woman is large n has a big build
by leila November 01, 2003
A person, normally a woman, with man-made hair color or colors, specifically pink or purple. Also can describe a person who changes his or her hair color regularly.
After Nymphadora Tonks from Harry Potter.
Nicole has become quite the tonks with those pink streaks in her hair.
by patricksalland January 25, 2008
Nickname for someone, usually a woman, that changes their hair or other parts of themselves regularly.
char's a bit of a tonks tbh
by charmundy August 09, 2008

1 Violent masturbation session, particularly when depressed or hungry.

2 Vigorous post-workout masturbation in any gym's changing room or showers.


To bring ones' self or another male to orgasm following, or sometimes during, a workout in the gym
- "I've really worked up a sweat on the treadmill, I'm gonna go tonk in the

showers while my hands are still naturally lubed up".

- "Alright mate, fancy a quick tonk to relax after pumping these weights?" (N.b:

the verb "to pump" is often used as a double entendre as it can refer to both

weight-lifting and intense masturbation, hence rendering superfluous the use

of the actual word "tonk").

- "God, I hate having to clean these showers. So many guys tonk themselves

silly after they've finished working out, some of them leave a right mess!".
by Slapmeharder June 24, 2014