Term used, primarily by US immigration officials in informal settings, to describe an illegal immigrant of any country. Origins are unknown, but definitely predate the use of metal flashlights, contrary to the most used description of origin. It's probable that the origin is related to Chinese immigration, as the first law to restrict immigration from a particular country was enacted in 1882. It's said that many of the illegal immigrants made their way to the US via the Gulf of Tonkin area of what is now Vietnam. It's also possible that the term is related to the Chinese "tong" mob. The word should be considered only as derogatory as the phrase "illegal alien" as it does not refer to race or even nationality, only to one's immigration status in the United States.
The US Border Patrol Agent caught 3 Honduran tonks, 18 Mexican tonks and a Korean tonk when they tried to sneak across the border this morning.
by Dave February 26, 2005
Adjective to describe a well-built or muscular man. Also used to describe a fit person or someone who is attractive. or Noun to name a well-built or muscular male.
As an adjective: That man is really tonk, he must work out a lot. He is so good looking, he is tonk.

As a noun: I want to meet a fit man, I want some tonk.
by Jo333 November 11, 2006
The sound made when a "mojado" is thumped over the head while attempting to flee the patrullero's!
Dave Robison used to date a tonk from H-18 for approximately 6 months, until Senor Russell apprehended him with six bags of flour tortilla's and 14 water jugs under his front porch. BAD DAVE!
by Goose Green February 27, 2005
Grantham saying refering to something being long.

man, the line of people is tonk,lets go somewhere else.

the traffic on wharf road will be tonk mate, lets go another

by knockalot May 03, 2007
To tonk a girl using your penis means you stand in front of her and swinging you hips smack her in the face with your penis, which makes a "tonk" sound.

Chris wanted a sandwich and Jane was reading, so he stood over her tonking her in the face with his penis til she got irritated and gave in and made him one.

by Orcoangel May 14, 2007
to be well buil or strongh and to have a good figure (man only)
jees your muscles are big you are well tonk
by Oliver Francis March 18, 2005
adjective: Tough, hard wearing, complex in build
Verb: To Tonk - to chase an objective in a highly energised and determined manner
Root: Tonka toys
Verb: Eg if one worked hard all day - I tonked it all day long, Eg (adj) Thats a tonk computer
by Smashin it April 06, 2006
Of hardcore knights, vikings, pirates and ninjas; demonstrative of hardcoreness.
"ZOMG those knights, vikings, pirates and ninjas who just pwned you were totally tonk!"
by crowleh January 25, 2006
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