Term used, primarily by US immigration officials in informal settings, to describe an illegal immigrant of any country. Origins are unknown, but definitely predate the use of metal flashlights, contrary to the most used description of origin. It's probable that the origin is related to Chinese immigration, as the first law to restrict immigration from a particular country was enacted in 1882. It's said that many of the illegal immigrants made their way to the US via the Gulf of Tonkin area of what is now Vietnam. It's also possible that the term is related to the Chinese "tong" mob. The word should be considered only as derogatory as the phrase "illegal alien" as it does not refer to race or even nationality, only to one's immigration status in the United States.
The US Border Patrol Agent caught 3 Honduran tonks, 18 Mexican tonks and a Korean tonk when they tried to sneak across the border this morning.
by Dave February 26, 2005
A card game popularized by the great Thomas Warhoch II
"Hey lets play some Tonk, I'm down $15 from my other friend"
by Alexjandro September 16, 2008
Tonk is another word that means cool or awesome. Whenever you are about to say cool or awesome you should correct yourself in saying the word TONK!
Dude, you are looking mighty tonk today!
Wow that was very tonk.
I had a pretty tonk weekend!
I am tonk.
That was soooooooo tonk!
by The Tonkest Person EVER!!! October 05, 2009
A nickaname for the medium sized shorthaired cat breed known as Tonkinese which is a cross between a siamese and burmese cat. They are very intelligent, curious, playful and very affectionate towards people. Tonks vary in coat pattern depending on their colors: Blue, champagne, natural, and platinum.
"I own two tonks"
"tonks are the best cats ever"
by Arikins August 09, 2007
When a girl takes a boy back to her room after a night out but he leaves in the morning with nothing more than a high-five to the shaft or his fingers smelling slightly of salmon.
Jim: So tell me about that bird last night then!
Roger: nothing to tell mate, she fuckin tonksed me
Jim: ahh no man, no1 likes to hear that

Gabrielle: Hey chick! how was last night then hehe ;)
Helen: oh you're gonna love this, i totally tonksed him!
Gabrielle: you bitch! *punches helen in the nose*
by fatman123456789 January 24, 2010
thank you/thanks
"Here's the cd you wanted."
by lomathson March 17, 2010
Term used in cricket to describe when a player is using powerful strokes in an attempt to score as many runs as quickly as possible.
Usually by hitting to ball to, or over, the boundary.

"With less than two overs left in the game and twenty-five runs to score these two batsmen will be looking to really tonk the ball to have a chance of winning"

To be: "Going the tonk".
by Felix S January 29, 2008
Tonk - The sound emitted from the persons head when struck by a flashlight.
1 - The tonk was apprehended by the police.

2 - And the tonks keep comming.
by AZ Mustangs August 09, 2006
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