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a west indian way of saying the name tony
from the 1400's king Tonjah II who then passed down the name, this is a very rare name. It cost 500+ dollars to have the name in asia and indian countries.
A person known to have the name Tonjah is most likely the hottest thing you have ever seen. according to havarianskino magazine, god has put a spell on that name so whoever does have that name is a godess of men.
If you'r name is Tonjah you'r one hell of a lucky man to be living with such a wonderful body.
Person1: Hey kate have you seen Tonjah Tony Today in the new magazine on stands?

Person 2: of coarse, i bought it last night!

person 1: he's so dreamy its actually blowing my mind!
by summerlicious June 20, 2010
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