A small girl with a sense of smell specifically heightened to lemongrass, pathchouli and hairy armpits. Typically single, she's drawn to men that look like primates and has a small tendency to scream randomly in public situations. She usually has long brown hair, tiny feet, and a natural scent of Herbal Essence Toussle Me Softly! exuding from her everywhere.
"Did you smell Herbal Essence today?"
"Oh, you mean Tonie??"
"Yeah yeah!!"
"Yeah that girl has tiny feet."
by MandrakeLemon September 28, 2012
Top Definition
An outgoing, outspoken white girl with a sparkling personality who seems to favor black guys. Although she can be cute at times, she makes manly noises, and sometimes can be found with a BCPFS. Also has a very nice donk.
"Damn.... I'd smash the shit outta Tonie."
by tonesha69 April 28, 2010
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