A nickname for a canadian drunk who comes down to Lakewood every year and gets hammered out of his gourd. Known to wet himself on numerous occasions. Might be seen with a smoke in one hand and a beer in another. Will eat or drink crazy things for bets. Will fester in own juices. Beware
Example # 1:
PasserBy # 1 - Hey isn't that Toner passed out by the wall?

PasserBy # 2 - What's that wet stain he's lyin' in?

Example # 2:

TIRED GUY: Who the fuck is that yelling over there, it's 6 am?

GIRLFRIEND: Fuckin' Toner!!!!!!
by Johnny Lakewood August 02, 2005
Top Definition
A musical boner. Being sexually attracted to a person because of their musical talent. A term made popular, if not coined, by the movie Pitch Perfect.
Hearing her sing gives me a major toner.

The Phantom of the Opera was the first literary instance of a guy getting a toner.
by Bosephus Reeegan March 14, 2013
A boner you get from great tone.
Did you hear Ryne's new pedal? I just got a major toner.
by troy>i September 14, 2011
a nipple that is erect, poking through the shirt
She must be cold because she has quite some toners there.
by hebrew_hammer September 21, 2006
to-ner (noun): an erect nipple. This usually occurs when it is cold. The word's origin lies in the ingenious combination of the words tit and boner, giving us toner.
You can just see those girls' toners through their thin shirts.
by the girls of Theta October 27, 2006
the toner is an alcoholic beverage made from spiced rum (preferably Captain Morgan's) and orange crush - it is not for the feint of heart or those with taste buds
Bartender - Toners all around!
by scratchnboots July 12, 2009
Toner is another definition of a handgun. More commonly used for a nine millimeter. Often used by three six mafia.
Put my toner to his head said nigga this is a robber please pass the bread.
by le_bimp June 26, 2004
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