Acronym for "the office nigger", the lone afro / carribean individual in a work environment dominated by caucasians(honkies)
look at ton over there, he needs to get some dress sense and stop wearing silly hats and wear some proper clothes like us honkies
by davethejag July 13, 2010
Top Definition
100 - strangely, not 1000 - GB pounds sterling. Or any other currency for that matter.
from cockney dialect.
oi geez, lend us a ton?
by KRACKAA September 26, 2005
The Ton is the village of Tongwynlais, a few miles north of Cardiff, Wales
Question: "where d'yuh live?"
Answer: "In the Ton"
by urbane gorilla July 11, 2005
Describing something in a large amount.
i love you tons baby.
by Valerie Logsdon January 30, 2006
"the ton" A speed of 100mph.
John nearly did the ton on the way to work.
by Anonymus Bosch September 29, 2005
A FAT ASS such a large piece of shit that cant fit through dorways
RYAN PACIFIC. man tons go kill your self
by SHORTY May 22, 2003
used excessively in the online poker community, meaning many, lots of, several, countless, etc etc (insert any synonym of your choice)
Fish: I was like so crushed in that hand!
Shark: No, you actually had a ton of outs!

Shark: Watching those poker videos has helped me a ton!

Shark: You don't have a ton of equity with 98s you fish!
by minraiselol June 27, 2011

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