Today's pop star, sports player, televangelist, movie star, fad guru.
Rappers are an example of tomorrow's nobodies.
by AYB June 22, 2003
Top Definition
A group of adolescents whose only ambition is to make others wet themselves through laughter.
G.I. Jew. TN's 1-4. Buttons. AND THE ITCH CREAM! Huzzah!
by Max August 07, 2003
A cartoon series based at
Constantly playing video games, ripping on their Jewish friend Eric, or chasing a child-raping hotdog, the crew always creates some laughs.
Eric:Yeah.... I'm jewish.
David: You sure are
Both: yeah.... jewish
Eric: Yeah, but at least i'm not greek.
David: Hehe, yea- BITCH!
by maka697 October 19, 2003
Exreamly funny flash movie....its like a drug!
Eric is a jew,David is greek,Ben has funny eyes,And Chris loves video games...
by Ray January 08, 2004
One that create machines and play desert crisis. They often either solve or create problems, and can be Jewish, Greek or a Bitch.
Eric is Jewish.
by TheBenMan June 21, 2003
the most awesome flash cartoon ever made, as seen on newgrounds, or
Bob: yo, did you catch tomorrows nobodies 4?

Jim: No, but i heard it wasn't as good as the others.

Bob: Yeah, the old school ones are better.
by frank garcia July 03, 2006
quite possibly the funniest website ever created. full of black jokes and bad inuendos.
white kid-"im colored"
black guy walks up n slaps the white kid
black guy-"stupid ass honky"

Tomorrow's Nobodies kick ass
by schmiggittybop February 12, 2006
A Jew that gets blamed for everything in a physics class.
A gorilla (literally, not practically) who is also a physics teacher and blames everything on the Jews. Like Eric. Yeah.
by Clare August 07, 2003
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