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One that create machines and play desert crisis. They often either solve or create problems, and can be Jewish, Greek or a Bitch.
Eric is Jewish.
by TheBenMan June 21, 2003

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A group of adolescents whose only ambition is to make others wet themselves through laughter.
G.I. Jew. TN's 1-4. Buttons. AND THE ITCH CREAM! Huzzah!
by Max August 07, 2003
A cartoon series based at www.tomorrowsnobody.com
Constantly playing video games, ripping on their Jewish friend Eric, or chasing a child-raping hotdog, the crew always creates some laughs.
Eric:Yeah.... I'm jewish.
David: You sure are
Both: yeah.... jewish
Eric: Yeah, but at least i'm not greek.
David: Hehe, yea- BITCH!
by maka697 October 19, 2003
Exreamly funny flash movie....its like a drug!
Eric is a jew,David is greek,Ben has funny eyes,And Chris loves video games...
by Ray January 08, 2004
the most awesome flash cartoon ever made, as seen on newgrounds, or tomorrowsnobodies.com
Bob: yo, did you catch tomorrows nobodies 4?

Jim: No, but i heard it wasn't as good as the others.

Bob: Yeah, the old school ones are better.
by frank garcia July 03, 2006
quite possibly the funniest website ever created. full of black jokes and bad inuendos.
white kid-"im colored"
black guy walks up n slaps the white kid
black guy-"stupid ass honky"

Tomorrow's Nobodies kick ass
by schmiggittybop February 12, 2006
A Jew that gets blamed for everything in a physics class.
A gorilla (literally, not practically) who is also a physics teacher and blames everything on the Jews. Like Eric. Yeah.
by Clare August 07, 2003