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tommy is a gay boy penis lover who does lots of drugs and has a hot brother but you would never want to be friends with him because he'll end up talking to you about his penis and pubes. also he's not cute at all but he thinks he is and he has a baby dick
wow tommy sucks
by i hate tommy March 25, 2013
The ultimate disappointment; would rather hump his own pillow because he is afraid of women. All Tommy's end up alone, living in barns, blowing goats!
Ahhhh... a woman is near!! I'm gonna pull a tommy and run for it, straight to my pillow for a good fuck!
by NewsCan123456 February 18, 2010
A guy who is gay, VERY gay. Usually calls other people gay just because he cannot admit that he, himself is gay.
Oh my god that guy is such a tommy!
a ginger blacko
that blacko is such a tommy
by tommy8574638 November 26, 2010
likes to ask girls to make out at random times during movies goodlooking but extremely awkward and frail
he asked me to make out WHAT A TOMMY!!
he pulled a tommy
by mary xoxox im coolx July 10, 2011
Someone whom is a horrible boyfriend and a poser emo and/or a douche bag.
"Ugh, he is such a tommy."

"You're dating Derek?."
"Yeah, why?"
"I've heard he is such a tommy."
by risk939 April 22, 2010
A strange boy who while is very sensitive, he lacks sensitivity to other people's feelings. He is very moody and demeaning. A Tommy enjoys sucking up to people even if that means talking bad about his true friends just to win their approval. A Tommy can either be quite funny or incredibly annoying. A Tommy also demonstrates a large amount of neediness.
person 1 "Gosh! You're so mean and needy!"

person 2 "Sorry, I was pulling a bit of a Tommy."
by Mr. Keron September 20, 2010