A dude who won't go out with one girl cause they're friends then gets together with his ex.
Person 1: did you hear about Claire. Liam totally rejected her cause they're friends.
Person 2: I know and now he's got back together with Mandy.
Person 1: he's a total tommy.
by cookee April 28, 2013
A man who in the beginning is romantic and passionate and will do anything to see you, even if its just for 5 min. When things progress he then becomes the man that loves you one day then "needs space" from you, due to "only child syndrome" and his previous divorce, he's freaked oout by commitment and codependence...but after 2-3 years of standing by his side and dealing with ALL the drama, he realizes who his "ride or die" chick is...he turns back into the tommy you originally met...romantic and passionate... Mr. Perfect or as I say "Big G" "Poppa" "P-Dubs"
I looooooove Tommy!!!
by secretaaddition January 26, 2013
The ultimate disappointment; would rather hump his own pillow because he is afraid of women. All Tommy's end up alone, living in barns, blowing goats!
Ahhhh... a woman is near!! I'm gonna pull a tommy and run for it, straight to my pillow for a good fuck!
by NewsCan123456 February 18, 2010
Most often a white man with a very large penis ranging from 6.5 - 8.5 inches. While the individual may or may not realize it he is such a stud that women and a few men find him to be irresistible and would do thing for and with him they normally wouldn't do. While a Thomas may be a nice guy on the outside they are a freakin' stud in bed and drive women wild.
When I walked in on Tommy in the bathroom I never knew a white boy could be so huge!
by Sarah Stevens February 12, 2010
a more endearing code name to describe the Time Of the Month as opposed to TOM or aunt Flo or even the red sea.
"i don't want to leave for vacation that weekend, Tommy might pay a surprise visit"
"i can't stand having Tommy around sometimes, i feel like i can't do anything"
guy: why are you so cranky?
girl: because i have an unwanted visitor, Tommy is visiting again.
by S.Pan June 27, 2010
tommy is a gay boy penis lover who does lots of drugs and has a hot brother but you would never want to be friends with him because he'll end up talking to you about his penis and pubes. also he's not cute at all but he thinks he is and he has a baby dick
wow tommy sucks
by i hate tommy March 25, 2013
A guy who is gay, VERY gay. Usually calls other people gay just because he cannot admit that he, himself is gay.
Oh my god that guy is such a tommy!

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