from children's rhyme "little tommy tucker sang for his supper"
someone who really earns what they have.
created by the king of the castle grafitti crew
even tommy tucker sang for his supper. think about it.
by the kotcc April 12, 2005
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Stemming from the child's rhyme, "Tommy Tucker" has been used as an urban art character, symbolising the revolutionary, and/or the artist. Usually used by/about someone with vaguely socialist veiws and opinions.
"Even Tommy Tucker sang for his supper. Think about it."
by kotcc February 01, 2005
Derived from an old saying to do with singing for ones supper, but adapted by lads around the globe to tease a colleague of recent escapade with a fat woman.
You are a "tommy tucker, fat girl fucker"
by Matthew1979 August 03, 2006

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