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a polite and cockney rhyming slang for wank
Im goin for a tommy tank
by Deano Thommo July 23, 2005
cockney rhyming slang for Wank
oh i just had a tommy tank
#wank #masturbate #tommy #tank #penile fun
by matthewmatthew123 January 23, 2008
to masterbate or play with ones slef
boy 1 : can you come out
Boy 2 : no im having a tommy tank
by singaman May 22, 2005
A tommy tank is rhyming slang for a wank, masturbation, pleasuring oneself, five knuckle shuffle, a date with palmella handerson, bashing the bishop, knocking one out, tossing oneself off, choking the chicken, firing off the purple headed cream canon, wrestling the beast, pulling the python, constricting the boa

Can also be referred to as tugging the thomas
Mate that bird is so fit I need to go for a quick tommy tank

Where's Jason gone? Having a tommy tank in the toilets as usual
#wank #masturbation #pleasuring oneself #bashing the bishop #choking the chicken #five knuckle shuffle
by Bennett October 20, 2014
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