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creator of modern canada. founder of the NDP, the democratic socialist party whos policy have had a great impact on the nation today. creator of liberal reforms, with medicare as the crown jewel of his policies. voted the top canadian of all time. he's a socialist, not a communist. only an american, australian, or albertan would be too stupid to know the difference.
American: "Yous Canadians is nice, but most of you is a bunch of weird backward commies."
Non-Albertan Canadian: "No, our nation is founded on democratic socialism, so is every nation in Europe and even li'l America, otherwise known as Japan."
America: "No, I watched the Fox News Channel and dey said that only Canada has socialism and that it just a codeword for commies."
Non-Albertan Candian: "Fox News? That explains your stupidity."

Tommy Douglas would be apauled at the gov't of Alberta's attempts to slash his reforms!
by Provincial Mood December 14, 2007
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Baptist preacher who was formerly a Member of Parliament in Canada and Premier of Saskatchewan. One of the founders of the CCF and the NDP.

Commonly referred to as in some circles as 'Tommy the Commie' because of his devotion to the principles of communism.
Many people blame the fact that Saskatchewan is an economic wasteland on the policies of Tommy the Commie.
by pitz August 26, 2004

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