I bet the person that added that is a silly little man who is just jealous because they don't have friends as close as TOMICON or as cool and and well respected by their peers as TOMICON. And the few friends they do have don't do as cool as stuff as TOMICON and even though they put TOMICON down they secretly wish they belonged to TOMICON. And the stuff they do do is just them trying to as like TOMICON as they can. Can I blame them? No. Sorry you feel that way guy. You should have tried to be our friend insted of calling us names. We're a pretty easy-to-get-along-with group, we probably would have excepted you. Then you would have cool people to hang out with insted of whatever faggots you're with now.
Some select members of the Fall Oers. Not all of them, but some. I'll probably regret this later.
by The Slayer of Lonelyness April 23, 2005
Top Definition
There's nothing wrong with us!
These's nothing wrong with us!
Toys! Cars! Games! Moldels!
Toys! Cars! Games! Movies!
Toys! Cars! Games! Monsters!
The Eltingvi... uh wait no I mean TOMICON.

before THE TOMICON there was the Secrete 5. The S5 went bad, too many people with impure intents. We killed it. We as in the elder council. The elder council is all knowing. You can't fuck with the elder council. The elder council created TOMICON. TOMICON is pure.

There are many imitations. There is only one TOMICON.
1: Are you going to TOM...
2: Shut the fuck up! (TOMICON must be secrete)
by FingersMaloy January 13, 2005
the events that take place at Thomas Hanes' house, once a small gathering of friends is now known to many, activities include all-night gaming, table-top role-playingness, reality melee battles
"We were basically the only group of people who could have fun without the use of a keg or a bowl" - Cole
Whats going on this friday, oh thats right we are having Tomicon.
by Brett October 24, 2004
Last night while everyone was sleeping,
I tripped through my old neighborhood
and resurrected memories from ashes.

We said that we would never fit in,
but we were really just like them.

Does rebellion ever make a difference?
Tomicon remains secrete.
by Cole McCool October 30, 2007
Ok this is lame. The opinion of one person doesn't nessicerily reflect that of the group that person belongs to. And sometimes people lose friends to other people. That's how life works. It's stupid to take it out on a group of people you don't even know. Get over it. And how can you not expect me to get mad when you say my friends are "A gathering of fags who suck each others cocks and lan HL2 and other crappy, gay games at the same time." or "The Fall Oers. Fuck you, TOMICON bitches." These people are my friends. I thought most of you people were cool, and I never said anything about Allysa or Rebbeca. It's a shame it had to be like this. We probably could of had a TOMICON, Dynasty, Fall Oer battle or something as some of us are friends with some of the Fall Oers (I don't know if this group is fake to make fun of us or what the fuck).
It's sad that people think TOMICON members are just a huge copy-cat-orgy that happens every Friday. That's really not how it is. Ever single member has different intrests. We just happen to have a few common intrests that other people don't share ie: LANing, Battlecon, table top role playing and what have you. Every member brings something different. Every member is valued.
by Lepley April 25, 2005
Thats cool. Please though, take a moment to sit back and look who "the fall o'ers" members are. Alyssa Petrilla? Rebecca Shmucker? Do they even game/whatever else tomicon does? Me and Bryan happened to be talking about the large number of people who follow certian groups or trends in this school. It took me a second to think of the name and we both profiled it. Someone else saw it, they did the same. It's not a real group.
this is an example. 20 letters letters.
by Greg April 24, 2005
1. n. - A gathering of fags who suck each others cocks and lan HL2 and other crappy, gay games at the same time.
2. v. - to suck ones cock while playing HL2 or some other shitty, stupid game.

1. "Tomicon is the biggest sausage fest ever. They suck each other off though so it's cool."
2. "I Tomiconed that mother fuckin n00b as an initiation."
by witheldhahaha April 22, 2005
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