1.) All acts of foolishness and misbehaviour that can normally be encompassed by the word Tom Foolery. Substituting "Fuckery" rather than "Foolery" gives the term a more meaningful tonality when used.
What's with all this Tom Fuckery?

I don't want to see anymore Tom Fuckery going on, understand?
by Atticus187 December 22, 2008
Top Definition
Similar to tomfoolery, except to a greater extent, and often involving mindfucking and very indecent behaviour.
An extremely well endowed leprechaun who hangs out in a men's bathroom, convincing men that he would grant them wishes if they allow him to fuck them in the ass, then asking how old they are, and then stating, "So you still believe in leprechauns..." is a blatant display of tomfuckery.
by AWads August 30, 2007
A completely screwed up situation in a work or social setting caused by a group of people who are careless and likely very stupid. It is similar to tom foolery but much more extreme.
"Hey what took so long at the Dr. Office?
"I had to wait 2 hours for my results because the idiot nurses were busy with some kind of tom-fuckery"

"Wow, did you hear who got busted this weekend and went to jail?"
"That's what happens when you hang out and party with that gang. They are always up to some kind of tom-fuckery".
by dumbluck2013 November 05, 2013
Similar to tom foolery, Tom fuckery is used to describe something or someone very stupid, or something very stupid that someone is doing.
Today has been nothing but a bunch of Tom Fuckery. I got into an accident, and my girl cheated on me!
by Poopeepoo October 22, 2014
When you and ur women are doingit in the bathroom in a classy restaurant.
Justin: me and my biatch did some tom fuckery at Applebee's last night!

Bobby: wow u prolly got a VD.
by CrimRT October 12, 2007
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